Thursday, September 8, 2011

Be Attentive

My lovely, Bride-to-be, My will is a food which satisfies. My will is a balm that heals. My will is a light that illuminates the darkness. My will is a strength that fortifies. My will is a wall that defends. My will is a tower that looks out, and sees all things in a new perspective. Yes, My will is a fortress that no army can penetrate, no evil can devour, no enemy can overcome. So remain in My word always and everywhere, consciously choosing that which is My will. Neglect this, and a breach in the wall is made, or rather, a breach in your heart for every enemy and malice to penetrate. And believe Me child when I tell you that the enemy is prowling around you now looking for any and all cracks. But when you are in My will, then you can ignore the enemy, even should it be an army outside the wall of your heart. He cannot penetrate to devour you, unless you let him.

So you see now, child, how attentive you must be!

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