Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Fiery, Pure Heart

My holy people; the idolatry must stop. Do you desire Me to cleanse in My manner? I have promised not to send the flood again, but to send fiery destruction. Do you want fiery destruction? Then keep serving other gods in your life. Keep spending yourself on yourself and keep offering sacrifices to those things that only bring disgrace and dishonor to My Great Name.

You were made for much better than where you are living. You were made to scale walls, to triumph over your enemies, to do exploits and the impossible in My Name. You were made to bring heaven to earth. You were made to bring deliverance to the captives. You were made to make the blind see and the deaf hear. You were made to heal the sick and raise the dead. These are the things worth living for. These are the things worth seeking Me, finding Me and following Me.

For many years now, I have instituted a cleansing program within the Church. I am intent on making you pure and holy for My Great Name’s sake. This means separating you from what you serve, so that all remains is Me. I want undivided hearts serving and following Me. I want a nuclear family, not as the world models, but as heaven models. I want you to serve Me and Me alone. No other heart allegiances, but to Me.

You are made to have pure hearts, focused on loving Me. Then and only then, is your heart the way I desire it to be. You may want all the privileges, but without a pure heart, you really have nothing at all. I am in the business of purifying hearts, of purifying the hearts of those in My Church. It is you, not the world, that I am intent on bringing heart purification to. It is you My love that I desire to make clean and white and lovely. It is you, My precious bride-to-be, that I desire to have an undivided heart of love and affection toward Me.

Serve Me in love and you will see the great sea part before you, the raging enemy completely destroyed behind you, and My promised land ahead of you. Let your heart become completely Mine. Serve Me with a fiery, pure heart.

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