Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Calling

Many people have the idea that God only calls preachers and missionaries, and the rest of us can do what we want to.  But God has a calling for all of His children.

The people that God calls and chooses, His all-stars, are common ordinary people.  I thank God for the wise, noble, and mighty who love the Lord.  I thank God for any athlete, movie star, or millionaire who will give his or her life to Christ.  But God's work is going to be done primarily not through the superstar, preachers, evangelists or celebrities.  God's work is going to be done through His ordinary everyday run-of-the-mill people.

God's ways are above our ways and understanding.  His thoughts are above our thoughts, and His calling "confounds the wise...."  The people that Jesus uses and chooses, God's all-stars, are not people of ability, they are people of availability, who have learned the secret of giving their praise to God.

If you use your life for the glory of God, God will use your life for His glory.

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