Friday, July 30, 2010

Run With Me

My holy people; it is not about experiences, it is about the long journey with Me.
Are you desiring only to receive extraordinary experiences, or do you desire to run with Me day to day? My strength comes to those who walk with Me, who run with Me, who journey with Me every day, for it is in the daily walk that you need My strength and where you will enjoy life with Me.

Throw away the trappings of religion that would tell you to seek Me for this experience or that experience. Plunge into the reality of living with Me, walking with me, running with Me every day. Spend time with Me in the place prepared for you, so you may know what is upon My Great Heart. Then run with Me throughout your day, for it is in the journey of living life every moment at My side that great blessing comes to you.

I am building your life in Me. Trust Me to do this work. Trust Me to do what no man can do for you. Trust Me to create in you a heart that yearns to follow in My steps daily. My Great Heart yearns for you to follow Me in this way.

Just like My Son did, I desire you to follow after Me in the same way; journey with Me in the same way. Great strength and great blessing will come to you as you learn of Me and as you journey with Me. Seek My Face. Call upon My Name. Run with Me.

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