Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Ways, New Plans, New Things

My holy people; I hear your heart cries. I hear them and I answer them and I tell you that right now your heart cry has reached My ears in the very courts of heaven. Your heart cry has been heard and I am moving on your behalf.

Do not lose hope, but instead put all your hope in Me. Store it up. Wait upon Me. For the promises that I have made to you will surely come. Each and every promise from My Great Heart to yours will be accomplished to My glory and honor.

Be done with fantasies. Do not be confused nor lose hope because of fantasies, for they are not promises from My Great Heart, but burning desires within your own heart. Do not allow fantasies to dilute your faith, instead now is a time to be certain of what you have heard from My Great Heart. Make certain of each move you make, each thing you believe, for many deceivers are come, heaping up idols instead of building faith in Me.

New avenues of provision are coming to those who are positioned to serve Me. Look for alternative means, ways to receive provision through revenues previously never considered. Look for Me to make the desert blossom as the rose, for My provision for you will not only allow you to complete those things I have called you to, but My provision gives hope and instills life. My provision is more than getting by, it is prospering under My favor and blessing.

New ways to minister are coming also to those who are positioned to serve Me. Look for new doors and new ways to minister to those I bring your way. Ways of ministering to people in remote places and in out of the way places. I am searching out hearts and many are hidden away. These hidden away need ministry. Even in the darkest of places My light is shining brilliantly. As you seek Me, you will find new ways to minister My light to those who are in great darkness. Allow Me to show you, allow Me to lead you, allow Me to guide you in ministering to those in great need.

I have new ways, new plans, new things … already prepared for those who will seek Me with all their heart. I will be found, My grace will be found and there is an outpouring of My Spirit for all who desire it. Seek Me. Find Me. Follow Me. It really is that simple.

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