Monday, October 1, 2007

IRAN-CHINA-RUSSIA Coalition emerging

Iran-China-Russia coalition emerging
Wed, 26 Sep 2007 05:17:15

A “Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition” which forms the basis of a global counter Anglo-American alliance is emerging, writes Global Research.

"America and Britain, the Anglo-American axis, have engaged in an ambitious project to control global energy resources. As a result of the Anglo-American drive to encircle and ultimately dismantle China and Russia, Moscow and Beijing have joined ranks and the SCO has slowly evolved and emerged in the heart of Eurasia as a powerful international body, according to Global Research.

Referring to "arrogance of the Bush Administration," Global Research wrote:" The Chinese and Russians also called for the establishment of a more equitable economic and political global order instead of What American leaders and officials called the “New World Order” but the Chinese and Russians consider a “Unipolar World.”

Iran, India, Pakistan, and Mongolia are all SCO observer members. The observer status of Iran in the SCO is misleading. Iran is a de facto member. The observer status is intended to hide the nature of trilateral cooperation between Iran, Russia, and China so that the SCO cannot be labeled and demonized as an anti-American or anti-Western military grouping, noted Global Research.

Also," Iran and the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are also planning on starting the process for creating an Iranian-[Persian] GCC free trade zone in the Persian Gulf. There are also discussion about the eventual creation of a single market between Iran, Tajikistan, Armenia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. "

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