Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Humble Beginning

He did not wait for a castle. He didn’t hold out for a perfected people. He came when we least expected Him…when all He could be offered was a humble greeting and abode.

And so, it is appropriate this day that we hear the angel’s greeting: "Do not be afraid." Do not be afraid that the abode of your heart is not a castle, that you are not a perfect person, that you are in fact a sinner most in need of forgiveness.

You see, it is not a problem for Jesus to come and dwell among the poor, the sinful, the wretched. Why do we always think that we must be holy and perfect before He will even so much as glance our way? It is not true...Christmas tells us differently.

Jesus desires to come to you now, as you are, even in your sinfulness. He can do this because He is Love itself. But it is also true that He desires to make you holy and perfect. Not for His sake, but for your own. The more holy you are, the happier you will be. And He wishes to do this for you because He is Love itself.

And so this day, open your heart to this gentle Child. Let fear, no failure, no sin...stop you from welcoming Him into the humble and poor manager that is your heart. Because He is Love itself, He will love you, cleanse you, and heal you. He wishes, in fact, to transform you into love itself. That is His gift to you.

Come to Him with a humble beginning.

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