Thursday, June 2, 2011

Many Changes, Do Not Fear!

For this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them.
Ezekiel 34:11

My holy people; do not be in despair, do not give up hope, for I am indeed your hope. Not just in heaven some day, but I am your real and living hope now, as well as in the future. I have promised never to leave you and never to forsake you. Therefore, I have heard your heart cries. For many have been under the yoke of hard task masters, not under the hand of My great grace. The shepherds in the land have largely done what is right in their own eyes, instead of following Me. Not only that, but because the shepherds have not done what is upon My Great Heart, My sheep have become prey. Every wild thing, every demonic power, every disease and curse and illness has swept through My House and it has become a place where people are hurt, not helped.

I have heard the heart cries. I have heard the cries of those who have kept their trust in Me. I have heard the deep heart cries that rise from broken hearts, those who have kept their eyes on Me and upon My Kingdom. I have heard and this is My answer. I am taking over!

Soon you will see many things begin to change in the Church. Many things are going to be changing, even are changing now. For those who have trusted in Me will not be humiliated. This is My promise to those that trust Me.

More accountability and more relationship are needed in My Church. Not just relationship with Me, but relationship with one another. My commands are simple: love Me and love people. I am going to teach My Church to love one another, in order for them to accurately demonstrate My love to the world around. Do not fear the changes, but embrace them. A great change is needed in order to bring about the healing I desire to pour out, that I desire to release.

You are in need of much healing. Your soul is in need of much healing. I am taking over and there will not be any way the shepherds can ignore or reword what I am doing in the midst. It is going to be obvious and it is going to be before all the world to see. What I will be doing shall accomplish this great soul healing that is needed. Those that are broken shall rejoice at what I am doing in the earth. Those that are contrite shall celebrate the day of visitation that is about to ensue. I am pouring out My Spirit on all flesh and this outpouring will involve a reformation of much that is observed by the world about the church.

Do not fear. Do not be troubled. I am working a great thing in My beautiful bride-to-be. I am placing a beautiful, clean white dress upon her. I am giving her clean shoes and a clean face. I am giveing her beautiful accessories that will enhance her beauty. Especially the broken and contrite hearts ... these shall shine brilliantly for Me.

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