Saturday, December 25, 2010

A King Is Born!

"...and you shall call Him "Jesus".

About two thousand years ago God reached down and invaded this sphere of Earth through the birth of His son Jesus. God's invading force was met with rebellion and murder by a hostile King Herod who had no right to the Throne of David. He was not the true king of the Israeli people.
Men have not changed one whit today. Today world leaders still greet the Babe of Bethlehem with hostility and death. Just as the Roman Caesars and the Edomite king on David's throne greeted the King of Kings, today's leaders are no more willing to acknowledge the supremacy of God's rule on this earth or to give up their perceived self-importance and primacy in the affairs of men.
The birth of Jesus was the dividing point of history and the focal point of Scripture. From the very beginning, right after sin entered the world, God promised the Savior, the coming of the Messiah. Provision was made before the Garden of Eden was closed up to man.
Jesus Christ turned the world upside down forever. This Baby born in a manger usurped the throne of man. Even today we still think the state is going to solve all our problems and that the state is going to be the "salvation" of mankind and right all wrongs. But Jesus refuses to go away. He refuses to be relegated to the dustbin of history.
Join Bill Heid and Mark Rushdoony as they discuss the cataclysmic event that Jesus's birth was, how it turned the belief that man and kings were superior to God upside down, and how this Babe in a manger ushered in the possibility of western civilization and the ideas of liberty and freedom enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
The Reinvasion Of History

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