Friday, August 14, 2009

Christian, American or Global Citizen?

The time is rapidly approaching when you will have to reject the first to be either of the latter two.Having been a die hard patriot, and having spent the last few years fighting the New World Order, I had sworn to die fighting the enemy, inflicting as much pain on them (cops, UN troops, garden variety NWO pawns) as possible. I was not going to abandon the fight to preserve America and her liberty period!
I hated the enemy, and would have killed everyone on earth who would not resurrect the Republic begun by our founding fathers in 1776.Recently, God has required me to give up that hatred, and has shown me my calling. It has nothing to do with our ALREADY dead and God condemned nation. He will destroy America, and very soon.
If you are his child he has a plan and a purpose for you.Do you know what your calling is? If not you should. Ask God to reveal his will to you regarding the remainder of your time on earth. If you can't understand, or get no answer ask him to reveal to you what in your life is standing between the two of you. If there is sin and you have grieved his Spirit the enemy has you lulled to sleep.
Jesus died to set you free from sin. How can we who have died to sin live any longer in it? He wants to fully sanctify you and set you free. It makes no difference how far gone or deeply mired in sin you are, he can and will deal with it if you ask him and mean it. Don't tarry, for his Spirit will not strive with you forever.
In my case there are ailments, disease, and addictions I can not free myself from, but he is doing it in His timing. Pray earnestly for him to renew your mind, cleanse your heart, and HE WILL. He has promised to do so and his promises never fail. He is also never late!
The way I see it, we all have two choices, submit to and be slaves of the NWO, living only a few years at best and then facing the consuming fire of God's wrath, or we can choose his way and allow him to do through us what he desires to do and have peace and fellowship with him on earth and for eternity beyond his second coming.

Seems like a no brainer to me.
posted by Liberty's Trumpet, Aug 13, 2009

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