Saturday, April 14, 2007

Beware of Christian Terrorists

Beware of Christian Terrorists
In Burlington Township in New Jersey, the school district conducted a mock hostage taking. However, this particular school district decided that in their mock hostage taking, the group that engaged in the activity was right-wing religious fundamentalists. In other words, Christians are terrorists. In this incident, they are called the new Crusaders. The drama acted out even had students playing the wounded and the dead as gunfire echoed through the school. Apparently the gunmen (Christian terrorists) were striking back because a girl had been praying in the school before class and was expelled. Thus, the motive of the fundamentalist Christians was revenge.

No other group in America would tolerate this kind of hostility. Imagine dramatizing the villains as Islamic fundamentalists. While in the minds of some there is little difference between Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fundamentalists, political correctness is displayed among most all minorities except Christians. It's open season on Christians. Whatever the bizarre scenario, since it is prophesied in the Bible, we shouldn't worry and we should just accept that Scripture is being fulfilled. The Bible promises a lot of opposition to Jews and Christians and particularly in the "last days." So don't sweat it according to these people.

While the Bible promotes turning the other cheek, it also stresses contending for what is right. America is being assaulted from within by judges, Leftists, secular humanists, atheists, corrupt leaders, liberals even in the pulpit and in academia. If the righteous roll over and play dead as is often the case, America will collapse from withinYou don't need to remind me that America is not prominent in the Bible in the "last days." So you want to give up the fight?

David Barton, President of Wall Builders, states, ". . . in the same region (Northeast), even federal courts say it is okay to start teaching second graders about homosexuality and 'homosexual marriage.' " He goes on to say, "The common thinking that is prevalent is that we do not have to notify parents that we're going to indoctrinate kids because this is such an important societal value that all citizens need it."

Okay, it was a drill, a drill for policemen, school administrators, and other state and county officials. Officials said,  "We wanted to see how well we work together and respond. We also wanted to see how we can make them better."  Fine. Have your drill. But in America you cannot demonize Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, homosexuals, or Muslims. You can easily, however, demonize Christians to your heart's content.

Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice, has a petition for you to sign here:

Stand up and be counted because if America does not hear from the Christian and conservative right, the Left will easily move in and create a kind of chaos this country has never before known.

God Bless.

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